Fatal Errors

Below is a list of things that will get an application instantly denied.

Questions with blank answers - Don't waste our time. If you think you can ignore key questions on the application template, then we're going to ignore your application.

Disrespect to members - If it's warranted then it's perfectly fine. But if it isn't, and it was out of the blue, then it's a guarantee that your application will be denied shortly after.

Obvious multiclanning - If there are obvious signs of you multiclanning, then don't even bother making an application because it's going to get denied the instant a Prestige Member sees it.

Trolling - Seriously, if it's a fake application, then you're getting denied and banned. Case closed.

Deliberately lying - Lie to our faces on purpose and see what happens. If we said you're going to get polled, then we'd be lying harder than you were.

Multiple Applications - If you post more than one application, then all of them are going to get denied.

Weak Answers - Submitting one word answers , incomplete sentences with meaningless details and lack of effort will be bad.