Recruitment Process

There are only two ways of getting into YRN - Invitation and Application.


This method of entry is only possible if all Leaders and Prestige Members unanimously agree to let someone into the clan.

The person will be contacted after the clan has reached an agreement and they will be given a formal invitation that they have the right to accept or refuse. This can only be done one time, however. For example, if a member is accepted via invitation and refuses, leaves, or is kicked from the clan, they can only return by applying.


This is the way most people join YRN. They visit the forums, register an account, and create an application.

Application consists of three phases - Questioning, Polling, and Examination.


The questioning phase is 72 hours (3 days) long at a minimum. At a maximum, this phase can take up to 120 hours (5 days). During this time period, members of the clan ask the applicant various questions pertaining to the application. The applicant is not obliged to answer any question; however, not doing so will lower the chances of them being accepted. The time of this phase depends on the applicant's speed and ability to effectively answer questions laid before him. In the case where the applicant takes longer than 5 days to answer a member's questions, the application will be Frozen.

If an applicant makes a fatal error on their application, then they do not go through or do not finish this phase at all.


This phase is where the members of the clan privately make votes as to whether they want you in the clan or not. This time period can last anywhere from 5 to 7 days, depending on member activity. In order to be accepted, an applicant must receive 10 positive votes to be instantly accepted or receive a sum of 5 positive votes over the entire phase. On the contrary, an applicant is denied if they receive 5 negative votes at any time or if the poll ends with any negative amount of votes.

If an applicant gets anywhere from 0 to 4 as a sum of all the votes on the poll, or receives more neutral votes than positive or negative votes, then another poll is started. This poll is ran for 5 days max and there are no neutral votes allowed. This ensures the applicant will have a quick poll. But if the result is anything less than 5 positive votes, the application will be denied.

If an applicant passes this phase, then they are tested for their skills. A tester is assigned in the area they would like to be tested in. If the applicant refuses or does not complete the test within a timely manner, they are allowed to do so during the next phase.


At the start of this phase, the applicant is an unofficial member of YRN. In order to get through this phase effectively, the applicant has to abide by the rules of the clan and basically not do anything stupid. If they do this for 14 days, then depending on the amount of requirements met, the applicant is able to do one of two things:

  • Not all met: The applicant is allotted an extra 14 days to meet the requirements. If they do not meet the deadline, they are removed from the clan.
  • All met: The applicant becomes an official member of YRN.

Application Results Information

Below is a simple descripition of what possible outcomes could befall your application.

  • Accepted - Does this really need an explanation?
  • Denied - You will not be able to re-apply for a period of time deemed by a Moderator.
  • Frozen - The application will be denied in 5 days due to applicant inactivity.
  • Voided - The applicant has chosen to deny his own application. Applications are only allowed to be voided within the Questioning Phase.