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Postfdfhy on Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:42 pm

First topic message reminder :

1. PB2 Profile Link:http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=fdfhy3%20revenge%20for%20fdfhy2&id=1194605

2. Kills Count:39.341

3. Kill/Death Ratio:1.89 Overall

4. Level Developer Rank: 0

5. Predicted Player Points Amount: 0.49 (inactivity)

6. Total Time Playing Plazma Burst 2: Since 2011

7. All Alternate Accounts (with profile links): Zuda (I couldnt get a profile link) fdfhy2 (I couldnt get profile link) fdfhy http://plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=fdfhy&id=198423 KilledYouu (I couldnt get profile link either)

8. List all past clans and reasons for leaving them:Itami,YRN,Imocianz,SurReal
SurReal:I dont really remember,me and my friend Acellamy had the idea to make the clan.It when well but by the time the clan started breaking apart.I didnt like the new members that much and I decided to left,I also left from pb2 for some months.
Imociancz:My friend iSethic invited me and just because his inactivity clan died.
YRN:I left YRN for Itami
Itami:It died

9. Why are you applying for YRN?:I want to be on this clan for the nice environment that people are making.

10. How can you benefit YRN?With my skills and my memes

10b. How will YRN benefit you?As I left YRN once I regreted this cus the people in there are awesome.I would like to be back and have some fun

11. List some good/bad experiences in your most recent clan:A bad experience was when my friend redrain got kicked from SurReal.A good was on Itami when arthur stole members xD

11b. List some experiences you wish to have in YRN:Have fun with members

12. What YRN Members do you know?Juan,fish,woo,arthur,moist,superfrank,Killa,Tkilla.

13. In your opinion what makes YRN different and/or better from other clans?:The people on the clan.Im enjoying talking with them and playing.Awesome people

14. Most frequently played server and average ping:Europe,Ukraine 120-130

15. Discord Username (followed by Discord ID #0000): fdfhy#4549

15b. How active will you be on Discord, YRN forums, and PB2?:I would be alot of active,about 4-5 hours per day unless I have to do something with school or real life

16. What are your skills within PB2?Sniper,Rails and Rays

17. Describe what kind of person you are:Im a nice person,funny and always positive and sometimes aggressive.I was different on past

18. What do you value more: Skill or Attitude? To be honest skill

19. Country of Residence:Greece

20. Do you understand the recruitment process?Yes

21. Do you meet all requirements to join?Yes

22. By submitting this application, you understand that you must comply with all rules of YRN on the chat as well as the forums. You also understand that violation of said rules could result in the removal of you from the clan. Do you agree to these terms?:Yes I agree

23. Extra comments:N/A

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PostRed X on Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:39 pm

Passed tests with a 31/40 sum.

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